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I’ve decided to try to duplicate the posts from my other blogs here and to see what happens. Russian posts will have russian tags and vice versa.

It often happens to me that if I have a burning question the answer comes from outside world. Few days ago I’ve got involved in an unpleasant discussion on the net. There was a place where people were answering a simple question "Do you belong to the Orthodox Church?" Then out of the blue three persons appeared saying again and again that all Orthodox Christians are layers, pretenders (unlike me clever agnostic), infantiles, never have any religious experience (unlike me clever Buddhist), dream about world domination and generally some sad and ugly creature, not proper human being (unlike me rude student). When I told them that you can’t say this kind of things about a very large amount of people (simply because it’s impossible to prove) they accused me of enforcing Western political correctness. Me and the other people tried to reason but we were overpowered by these people who seemingly had nothing else to do rather that denying millions of people their beliefs. So I was wondering: If something like this happens in future should I pay any attention? I get very upset at unfairness so I wonder if it is worth to get involved?

And here comes Dr. Laura blog:
"I just don’t like life’s unfair qualities, and I have generally stood up to them no matter what."
"we both still maintained the bulk of our differing opinions. We did, however, agree on one point of ethics, morals, and values: you defend who or what is being attacked unfairly, and consequently, we both defended responsible free speech."
"And I’m left wondering if you’ll stand up for others (or values, morals, ethics and principles) when most others around you will turn their gaze away."
Good for you, Dr. Laura!

Another point of that discussion was that its unreasonable to be good to people. Funny that the lady who was the biggest advocate of this keeps of giving life organising advices online without realising that it is spending time and energy for the sake of others – that is, being good to other people!

Also I’ve been thinking that they teach how not to offend in schools now. It good, as long as kids will understand that sometime if they have to do or to say something important they will offend others – who disagree (plus sometime our absolutely innocent actions can offend people with different system of views). I think its very important also to teach the children DO NOT GET offended and upset easily but defend their opinion calmly and reasonable. I have feeling the kids to much used to run to the teacher at a slight sight of any disagreement now.

Yet another 2 points: 1) If somebody says that a big group of people X are all idiots it is impossible to prove this. Therefore the only reason of doing that (consious or subconsiuos) is to OFFEND. The question is why?

2) I’ve been told that artificial nature of Orthodox religion (pretense) is proven by the fact that Orthodox people are easily offended… Well I think many people will get offended if others start calling them names without apparent reasons, people are offended by general unfairness, plus if others rudely speak about subjects CLOSE TO THEIR HEARTS. The later case actually PROVES that there is no pretense!

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