Завтра начинается Сегодня


In about me, art, politics, socionics on May 5, 2010 at 06:54

Sounds silly but I will be really sad if on Friday we still have Gordon Brown in  charge or anyone with that left wing rhetoric. I know almost all politicians are actors and liars. But we just had too much of same of them.

Socionics.com got lots of typing mistakes, but I think they are right saying that Tony Blair is ENFj, Gordon Brown is INTp and David Cameron is ISTp. Its describes perfectly how we perceive them at home.

Little advice for future government on spending cuts: DON’T FUND PILES OF RUBBISH IN ART GALLERIES ANY MORE… I’m not against something new or experimental. I’m just against funding rubbish!

  1. Kids were saying: "Gordon Brown let us down. Tony Blair didin't care"…

  2. Just went to pick the kids from school… and here he was, David Cameron, giving kids high five!

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