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It’s not what you think it is

In computers, shopping on December 29, 2011 at 08:19

When I buy a device this days its not only a phone, but a computer, an atlas, a radio receiver… If only they figured out a way to add to this list the keys and the bank cards, then there would be just one thing to pick up when leaving home. Well, maybe also an umbrella if its not included…

Yet some things are less than they should be. For years I’ve been buying cheap boots and raincoats which turned up being not waterproof… There is no point in boots or raincoats which are not supposed to be used under rainy condition. They shouldn’t exist, but they are here.

  1. Ah Sasha, you are so right – I've just bought a new phone. Rumour has it that your phone will soon talk to a cash point or till or whatever and will relace your cards. I am hoping that some good sole will design a phone that older folk with dim eyes and stubby fingers will be able to use.Meanwhile, I've just signed up to facebook to keep up with my grandchildren. I now have a status? on a wall? and I'll post it? and it may be Like? — your right, it's not what you think it is, at least for me anyway. p.s.(bought a cheap umbrella yesterday, it looks good and works a treat)Alan

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