Завтра начинается Сегодня

In Uncategorized on August 28, 2012 at 16:05

as #dance … another #latergram picture of an #Indian #dancer. Frankly I can’t stop thinking about some recent news stories – a professional daasncer and some #dancing people at a party brutally executed by Talibans. I think all people of this world have to make sure that no Taliban-like regime ever takes over anywhere in the world. We should educate children to have fresh nd inquisitive non-dogmatic minds because I believe its the set of mind which denies questionning yourself and everything else that leads to hatred of other’s happiness. If someone thinks he or she knows some “ultimate truth”, whatewer the real evidence, this person may lose natural human ability of empathy, which often prevents people from harming each other. Sorry for long post – I’m stack in the train… #folk #folkdance #linandara_people #costume #motionblur #musicians #blue #white #black #veil #movement #gesture (Taken with Instagram)

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