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On changing attitudes

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“I don’t believe in witches, but I don’t call myself an ahexist.”- this is Jonathan Miller saying “No” to negative self-definition. Fortunately it is normal now in the West not to believe in witches and other supernatural stuff. Calling somebody atheist is a bit strange really.

Recently a woman came to my shop and asked me if I want some leaflets for single parents. .. I was a bit surprised and said I am not a single parent and she may leave her leaflets at the designated area of the Market. She wouldn’t leave. “Look, there is more useful information in there”. Even more surprised, I looked. After first paragraph the word “Bible” started to creep in. This is what it was all about! I asked her few questions about why she believed (“Jesus told me” and “it’s the most printed book in the world”), asked her about horrible facts from her favourite book (she approved genocide with ease) and shamed her for trying to brainwash people. And with stealth too – wich was dishonest and disgusting – but this shows how ashamed they are themselves about their own teachings.

Two Mormon girls who surrounded me on the street few days later have been slightly more open. “We do not trying to change your mind, just come to us and be happy! ” Really? What if I am already happy? No reply. Why do you believe the stuff you teach? “Because we feel that it is so”… Well, I don’t. The funniest thing was that they turned out to be from Russia too – in the middle of the conversation. Probably they were from the Ural or Siberia. New Russian export – the Mormons…

Some people are worried that religion is coming back and we all will plunge into new Dark Ages with their illiteracy, Sharia and Inquisition. I doubt it very much. I think what we are experiencing is not a ressurection but the last hiccups.

As long as people more or less educated, more or less used to the idea of personal freedom – they are unlike to crawl back into the caves in large numbers. As long as religion is treated as an optional hobby (opposite to the convert or die “medieval” attitude), the civilization will prevail.

Modern European and North American movies, tv shows and books reflect (and strengthen) this attitude. Have you noticed how much they avoid traditional religion these days? Have we had many devouted heroes? Nope.

Accidently we have bought a movie called “Doomsday 2012”. It’s creators really have been believers in divine miracles, wrath and intervention. Read the reviews. Most agreed that this was the worst movie they’re ever seen. That’s what filmmakers “medieval” attitude did. Majority can’t identify themselves with it anymore. “The train has gone” as we say in Russia.

As soon as people in the parts of the world where there apostasy laws, beheading, lashing and stoning stil exist would get into habit of watching good modern movies and tv shows, their attitude will start to change too. Stories affect us, move us, make us to identify with heroes and hate villains. Modern heroes won’t fight against freedom. They won’t advocate for locking women at home, imposing tyranny or discrimination. Hollywood is (in a mysterious way) savingn the World 🙂

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