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An Article in the local newspaper & TOK

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From a local newspaper “County Times” about the Festival. Me & Ian Anderson portrait on the bottom right


Recent comments

Space shuttle takes final flight. Where should NASA’s manned missions go now?

First, base on the Moon, then – on Mars. If Earth is hit by a big asteroid an independent colony is a chance for survival.

Meteor crash and asteroid near-miss: Should we invest to defend planet?

Of course. It is one of the biggest real threats to our civilisation.

Sketches from Saturday

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Done during the festival



Sarah Smith


Eddy Gartry




Skiffle Rendez-Vous



What I’ve been doing yesterday

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With Sandra Smith we did a huge #canvas live during the #festival . #art #artwork #painting #drawing #now #music #musician

4 hours crawling on our knees… 🙂   I’ve post more sketches I did later.

Flintlock with Sarah Smith & band

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Some lovely traditional #folk #music from yesterday… #Newtown #NewtownPowys #festival #all_shots #indoors #concert #people #musicians #pirates #linandara_people #linandara_retro #edit #музыка #музыканты #концерт

Любимая песня года 2012

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Новые черные крылья

(Плюс “Двери Тамерлана” Мельницы и “Ирокез” Медведева)

A school joke

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Why do you have so many spots? Did you listened to Spotify again?

Canterbury Cathedral 10 Dec 2011

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Really wanted to visit that concert. Hoped to sell something big or win something to have enough money to travel to Canterbury – but no luck. At least I can see this on YouTube: both of my favourite British singers-songwriters (apparently friends) in a song I really like.

Moon Song

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Alexandra Cook

Shrewsbury – Ian Anderson’s concert – sketches

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It was dark (inside)…


In music on September 4, 2011 at 07:33

Sat 3 Sep – Jethro Tull’s IAN ANDERSON In Concert

I really liked the concert. Excellent selection of old and new music & songs. I was especially happy to hear Ian’s “Russian” tune “Boris Dancing” first. Even “The Story Of The Hare Who Lost His Spectacles” which I didn’t like much in the past turned to be funny when Ian read it. Nice new (at least I haven’t heard it before) piece of music called “Overture”. Its great to see Ian as energetic as ever and a range of different ages in the auditorium (the youngest I think were about 11-13 years old, obviously with parents). I honestly recommend the concerts of this tour to anybody who likes the variety of Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull’s music – if you still can buy the tickets!

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