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Peackocks, pheasants and chickens

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A couple of weeks ago I have been doing a little acrylic miniature:


Not very happy with the painting but at least one person liked it so I’ll let it be. When I was working on this I’ve accidently stumbled across a sad picture:



Two freshly shot pheasants.  They looked so beautiful from close up… I know people who wish to execute anybody killing pheasants but at the same time eat their close relatives,  chickens and turkeys every day. .. Which just shows how our attitude to animals (and sometime to humans) depends on pretty looks and “cuteness”. It shouldn’t be this way.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with eating animals: lots of people probably are better off with high animal protein diet as this is the food we originally evolved on.  Obviously we should protect endangered species and avoid unnecessary cruelty to animals, especially the ones closest to us by intelligence. Being cruel or destroying the beauty of nature would eventually backfire.  It will make us more cruel to humans too and guilty and depressed. Yet if medical science really needs to experiment with animals it should be allowed: only humans on this planet know how to heal.

I wish I had time to do an old fashioned still life with those pheasants. ..

Dolphin intelligence

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I think there are other species which should be treated as intellingent or semi intelligent on this planet.

Dolphins Call Each Other By Name

Feb 19, 2013 07:05 PM ET // by Jennifer Viegas 

Bottlenose dolphins call out the specific names of loved ones when they become separated, a study finds.

Other than humans, the dolphins are the only animals known to do this, according to the study, published in the latest Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The big difference with bottlenose dolphins is that these communications consist of whistles, not words.

Earlier research found that bottlenose dolphins name themselves, with dolphins having a “signature whistle” that encodes other information. It would be somewhat like a human shouting, “Hey everybody! I’m an adult healthy male named George, and I mean you no harm!” … “

The researchers said dolphins copy the signature whistles of loved ones, such as a mother or close male buddy, when the two are apart. These “names” were never emitted in aggressive or antagonistic situations and were only directed toward loved ones.

The whistle copies also always had a unique variation to them, so the dolphins weren’t merely mimicking each other. The dolphins instead were adding their own “tone of voice” via unique whistling.

While researchers often hesitate to apply the “l word” — language — to non-human communications, bottlenose dolphins and possibly other dolphin species clearly have a very complex and sophisticated communication system.”




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Life has been your art. You have set yourself to music. Your days are your sonnets. – Oscar Wilde

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The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.” – James Madison #all_shots #Norfolk #beach #sand #sandy #Mundesley #latergram #morning #sunrise #clouds #linandara_sunset #bird #flying #seagull #seaside #freedom #liberty #free #beautiful #птица #чайка #рассвет #пляж #linandara_water #linandara_animals #seagulls

Not a caged bird…

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Her days might be gloomy. Her days might be full of danger, but she is not a caged #bird. .. #latergram #all_shots #Wales #зима #NewtownPowys #Newtown #winter #fence #branches #baretrees #tree #snow #snowing #barbedwire #wire #spikes #cold #linandara_animals #птица #снег #забор #проволока #дерево


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Morning Glory products

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Once when me and kids went to school, other kids told us that a little girl, the sister of one of the pupils, just has been hit by a landrower. At the same time there was this story on the news: “Boy killed as car mounts pavement. An 11-year-old boy has died after a car mounted a pavement and crashed into a group of pedestrians in Bristol. The female driver of the white Ford Focus left the scene of the incident in Eastfield Road, Westbury-on-Trym, leaving the boy trapped underneath. A man was treated for minor injuries, while three other children at the scene were not injured.”

I’m sure there are lots of stories like this, with the double horror of families loosing their loved ones and somebody accidentally becoming a murderer. Kids do behave silly and even experienced driver can loose the control sometime.

Once we’ve all been waiting on a bus stop when suddenly a puppy ran into the road and has been hit by a car.

One day an artists gave me a lift to a workshop along a small countryside road. All the road was covered by killed rabbits, hedgehogs and foxes. I didn’t really felt like admiring “scenic road” she has chosen for me.


I should admit, I do often dream how great it would be if I could afford a car and we all could go to exiting places and never fly again. A good friend of mine once told me that she was really happy that she had started driving: it gives such freedom! Yes, but at what price?

Two pictures are sold from the exhibition

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“Tiger &Volcano” in pastel and “Red Campion” in watercolor

Thank you so much!
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