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Back at the market table

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So I did it again: for the third financial year I am loosing money (something like 67-350-250 £ a year). This is despite parting with a number of paintings,  cards and prints.


I am grateful to the people who bought the artwork from me but please be aware that it was local council,  public transport companies,  insurance companies, post offices and art supplies who really got your money: I had to pay them too.

Number of customers at the Market is falling. I only managed to cover my rent for December. The local library sent me a letter saying I have to pay 45 pounds if I dare to put prices on my paintings at my annual exhibition. I had it here for 2 years and earned 20 – 40 pounds each time…

I should admit that the thought of a big bonfire made of the paintings and sketches regulary burns in my mind. But I am not sure I ever can give up. All the money I have to spend on art are the leftovers from buying food and clothes for my family for which my husband gives me some money. I could’ve spent more money on him and kids. Perhaps I should have spent more time on them too.

All the housekeeping: washing, cooking, gardening, tidying and almost all shopping are my responsibilities which I have been partly ignoring for last few years in order to “be an artist”. And I am not even good at it. My conscience is not allowing me to charge sky-high for my artworks and anyway local people wouldn’t be able to pay any more. We haven’t got many millionaires in Newtown. I love doing art but the stress of trying to sell it and to please everyone is getting at me.

So I probably will only have a table on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Newtown Market, I also will exhibit some artworks at Galleries Live in Telford and Shrewsbury. I also will possibly participate in an evening art club at Pen Dinas Community Garden if it won’t eat too much time. But I really would like to claim at least some of my life back as my home, me, the family and the garden are not well attended at the moment. I used to read, write, exercise, do plein air trips and I want to try to go back to this.

Sorry for a bit of whining but I feel I should explain what’s going on – mostly for people who (I think) expect me to be something I am not.

My shop will be closed till 16th of April. Have good spring holidays!

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Trying my  hand at illustration. ..

Abused by youth on Treowen

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Today at about 3 p.m. me and my husband were walking to the shops when 5 kids approached us (between Treowen school and community house) and started throwing snowballs at us. When I stopped and tried to tell them off (we obviousely don’t swear) we met with horrible disgusting verbal abuse. A girl was mocking my foreign accent and a boy exposed himself. I think we know the name of one of the offenders and I think we’re seen others locally before. We are distressed by this accident and we don’t think the behaviour of these kids should be ignored.

This is not the first occasion.  A couple of weeks ago my husband was verbally abused in the evening on the way from work. My children told me that one of their elderly teachers is being bullied at school by students. A couple of years ago two teenage girls were shouting swear words at me and my then little kiddies – without any apparent reason apart from thinking we are Polish.  Today’s “mocking girl”, often seen on that street, was trying to say something offencive to me on other occasions but I just ignored her. Not any more. Community support officers have been notified of the incident.

I don’t think I am overreacting.  When we were kids we loved practical jokes but we didn’t swear and I absolutely can’t imagine us looking innocent strangers into the eyes and being abusive.  We never had a will to do anything like that (Why?) And we knew there could be serious consequences.  E.g. parents called to the headteacher – it would be pretty scary.  Today’s lot were so sure they won’t be punished in any way. I think that is wrong and this attitude should change.

A Girl By the Sea Bon Voyage Card

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A Girl By the Sea Bon Voyage Card card
A Girl By the Sea Bon Voyage Card by Linandara
A vintage looking greeting card with a little girl in a red hat and a pink dress and the beach (Pwllheli, North Wales). Could be used for various occasions (the text is customizable).

Happy Birthday Russian Card with A Balley Dancer is sold

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Thank you!!!

Retro Boy Calling Birthday Congratulations Greeting Card

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I’ve got tons of kids photos. Thought I’ll do something with them…
 An unusual birthday card with a customizable message.

Snow Maiden

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Blue Dancer

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A semi-abstract dreamscape. A preliminary stage in creating an acrylic painting, photographed and edited digitally.

Girl and Her Unicorn

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Dreaming… Watercolor and permanent ink pen on card. Original image is about A4 in size. linandara.deviantart.com

A portrait ACEO sketch on Ebay

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Only 0.99 Starting Bid.

Sad ACEO An Original Sketch graphite pencil, watercolor
Sad ACEO An Original Sketch graphite pencil, watercolor
Current price:
End time: 22-Mar-10 14:44:05 GMT
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