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A socionics heart card is sold

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Connected Hearts socionics-inspired ESTJ/INFJ Card

Connected Hearts socionics-inspired ESTJ/INFJ Card

Thank you!!!

Connected Hearts socionics-inspired ESTJ/INFJ Card and Necklace are sold

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Connected Hearts socionics-inspired ESTJ/INFJ Card is sold

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Good Things About Life Original Pen and Ink Artwork

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A badge is sold

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IT IS OK TO BEAN INTROVERT button by Linandara
Thank you very much to the buyer in France!

DELTA Fourth Quadra Socionics-inspired Ipad Cases

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In about me, art, politics, socionics on May 5, 2010 at 06:54

Sounds silly but I will be really sad if on Friday we still have Gordon Brown in  charge or anyone with that left wing rhetoric. I know almost all politicians are actors and liars. But we just had too much of same of them.

Socionics.com got lots of typing mistakes, but I think they are right saying that Tony Blair is ENFj, Gordon Brown is INTp and David Cameron is ISTp. Its describes perfectly how we perceive them at home.

Little advice for future government on spending cuts: DON’T FUND PILES OF RUBBISH IN ART GALLERIES ANY MORE… I’m not against something new or experimental. I’m just against funding rubbish!

Three thoughts about religion

In about me, ethics, moral issues, religion, socionics on May 19, 2009 at 08:20

I feel upset when somebody says that only people from his religion will be saved, the other will go to hell for ever. I always imagine a young girl from the “X” country who is kind and helpful but dies say at 15 without any chance to find out about the “Y” religion. That would be a complete waste of a human soul, and I think a human soul is the best thing in the Creation. If God is really kind he will find the ways of saving everybody.

Another thought came from my socionic forum where people were discussing how different types perceive God depending on their mind “operating system”. For some, He is an absolute Order, for others – emotional Love, the Law, an ultimate Force, ultimate Comfort, ultimate Mystery or sacrificial Love as a relationship to the Creation, etc. Its like that even among the people going to the same Church an individual would understand better one aspect of God, but not another.

And the third though is about what I call “religious uniform”. No, its great when people wear traditional clothes during Church services and ceremonies or if they are priests or monks. But it feels quite different when (I think) some people wear their outfits for the sake of being recognized in their everyday life. Here in Newtown there are many ladies and girls who always wear little symbolical scarves and skirts. I don’t know who they are. My kids used to be friends to some of the kids form these families and on few occasions they tried to invite their schoolmates to our home. The parents always objected. For me its just feels like they silently say “We are so pure. You will spoil our children”. These people always seems to talk to each other. And I wonder, if two people simultaneously ask for help, would they rather run to the one of their own kind? Is this “uniform” a tool to divide human beings and treat them differently? I am sorry if this attitude offend any of the readers but its just how it feels.

MBTI / Socionic Type Names

In socionics on April 21, 2009 at 06:16

I’ve been using MBTI type names in this blog for a while as they are more familiar in the West but now I’ve learned that there is some controversy to which one corresponds to which in Socionics. Well I’ll be using the latter system now, e.g. EII, ESE, etc. Sorry for the confusion.

New shop

In art, crafts, funny, music, my artworks, socionics on March 25, 2009 at 17:31

I’ve joined CafePress today:

I’ve also had an idea for Delta Quadra group on Last.FM:

INTPs got their own group, so why not?

Anyway, I’m also working on a very strange painting (in digital sketching stage at the moment), incomporating my love for music and some socionic ideas. My husband already christened is Abbagonewrong… Sounds sort of Welsh… (my preliminary name is Shadow Walkers)

Also I’ve found some funny socionics-inspired art:


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