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Instead of “hello”

In about me, ethics, politics, relationship, russian, xenophobia on December 5, 2013 at 12:47

Imagine you ask somebody which country they are from originally (I probably wouldn’t as some people may not want to speak about this or they may feel upset that they accent shows). Imagine you have got some kind of reply. Would you then rushed into saying that oh, yes, you heard about that country,  it’s well known for (pick from the list) evil government,  racism, slavery, crime, bureaucracy,  obesity, poverty, injustice, unemployment, etc?

Similar conversions happened  to me twice last week. People honestly expect to maintain friendly conversation started with these accusations. I do love to criticise my native Russia when appropriate.  But  when strangers are talking to me in this manner it is like being held responsible for all negative news stories or just pure propaganda is completely different. Another thing that drives me mad is when strangers start to treat me as a zoo animal,  discussing my cheekbones, shape of the face or accent.

I thought that after 15 years living abroad I would get used to that. Apparently not. I still feel afraid to talk to stangers.

Russian Meadow Birthday card is sold

In art, blue, card, Россия, мои рисунки, green, my artworks, russian, sales on September 1, 2013 at 09:01
Thank you!

Some thoughts on small towns’ centers decline

In 1990s, city, eco-friendly, good life, politics, powys, russian, shopping, traditions on March 24, 2013 at 08:52

About a year ago I went  to Norfolk and lost my gloves. It was bitterly cold, my hands always get cracked in these conditions so I went to several shops trying to buy new gloves or mittens. They look at me as they never heard about items of clothing like that.  Apparently they wouldn’t sell them till next winter…

Yesterday (deep wet show on the ground) I desperately needed new snow boots and, again, to my surprise, met the very surprised look. Fortunately for me a kind lady working in the shop went to storage and fetched some boots for me. Why there is attitude like that? It is often cold and still could snow in March and April, so why are they not interested in making money and helping people? I often feel that the economic trouble in this country is to some extent to do with apathy.

Many are worried about decline of Newtown  now. People don’t want to buy anything apart from bare necessities. Some blame supermarkets. But I am looking at my neighbours at the market and in the area – small business owners – and supermarkets have nothing to do with their struggle. Tesco don’t sell craft supplies, vine making supplies, handmade arts and crafts, etc. The lady who sells bread and eggs here always has customers despite all supermarkets sell similar food too. Supermarkets help people – me and the family, we wouldn’t survive without their cheep food, home deliveries and large variety of items. So don’t blame them, please. Don’t blame charity shops either – they actually help people on both ends. I lived through a crisis in Moscow in 90s without any charity shops and it was tough.

Because of insecurity people are very carefull about their shopping. And lots of shops are getting closed. But, think about that: who really needed 10 clothes shops in a little town? And mostly selling very similar items too. It is boom which was crazy – not bust. It is getting back to some normality now, in my opinion. People used to buy new items when the old ones were still perfectly OK and that was wrong. It is not realistic to hope for this situation to go on forever. It is not sustainable.

Rather than trying to compete with supermarkets and Internet, I think the town centers should become something completely different to survive. Shops and cafes should be truly unique. Rents should be lower. The council should also partly sponsor all sorts of local groups and clubs to have outlets here – making town centers the places where people came to socialize, not just shop. Benches to sit (protected from the rain) and more playgrounds would help too. More security against vandals, drunks and hooligans. After living in Moscow it surprised me how early everything shut down here – apart from pubs. Because of this town centers are not very nice place to be in the evenings. I don’t think this is right. Longer shop opening hours and the town not being completely dead on Sundays would bring more life on the streets. I think, it could be done, unless we all are just drowned in apathy…


A birthday card is sold

In card, russian, sales on January 4, 2013 at 17:25
Russian Birthday card with a Rag Doll
Russian Birthday card with a Rag Doll by Linandara

I think thats my first sale to Belarus

Thank you! Спасибо!

A Russian Missing You "Beggar Style" Card is sold

In card, russian, sales on October 17, 2012 at 06:04
Russian Missing You "Beggar Style" Card
Russian Missing You "Beggar Style" Card by Linandara

Thank you to a buyer from Cambridge! Спасибо!

Folk art cards

In birthday, card, folk art, russian on October 6, 2012 at 08:13

About a year or two ago somebody asked me to contribute greeting cards to a new website/customised cards company. I’ve spent a MONTH creating cards specially for this website. Recently it completely disappeared. I’ve been trying to contact the person behind this (still in my “friends” on facebook!) several times by various means but he completely ignores me. I don’t know if he sold any of my cards or not… Such dishonesty.

So I am gradually moving some of the cards to my Zazzle shop.

A Russian birthday card has been sold

In card, russian, sales, winter on September 17, 2012 at 05:54

3 Russian Easter cards had been sold to Brooklyn

In card, russian, sales, spring on March 30, 2012 at 05:22
Russian Orthodox Easter Card   Russian Orthodox Easter Card .

Russian Orthodox Easter Card with Eggs   Russian Orthodox Easter Card with Eggs .

Russian Easter Pascha Card with Daffodils   Russian Easter Pascha Card with Daffodils .


Northern Bird Planner is in Today’s Best

In bird, folk art, print, russian on March 12, 2012 at 20:11

Northern Bird Print

In bird, folk art, print, russian on March 8, 2012 at 16:55
Northern Bird by Alexandra Cook print
Northern Bird by Alexandra Cook by LostinSpaceandTime

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