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Anybody Expects the Spanish Inquisition?

In ethics, freedom, kids, legal issues, moral issues, religion, traditions on February 20, 2013 at 16:50

I know that Gatestone Institute publications are biased: they may think they are for the freedom of speech but just try to say something against Israel… Not allowed.  So I am quoting them only because I can’t find any other reference to a disturbing news story I’ve found:

Spain has acceded to the demands of the Islamist government in Morocco by agreeing that Moroccan children adopted by Spanish families must remain culturally and religiously Muslim.

The agreement obliges the Spanish government to establish a “control mechanism” that would enable Moroccan religious authorities to monitor the children until they reach the age of 18 to ensure they have not converted

Poor kids! Do children have any rights in Europe? Is Spain about to create an apostasy law? Are they going to publicly stone foster parents who don’t agree?

I think children should be kept away from religion till they are 18. There are passages in Christian, Muslim and Jewish “sacred” books that are definitely too gross for kids. Or they glorify things incompatible with modern ethics. There are plenty of cruelty in many ancient texts but only ones which are treated as “sacred” are dangerous. The texts are supposed to came from a “benevolent” god, the evil things are said and done by profits, martyrs, saints, apostles. This way all that ancient madness is sanctified.

Below are some most gross quotes from the Bible. You need a special twist of mind to think (like some religious people do) that they mean something opposite to what they actually literally say. It is to think  like “WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH” from George Orwell‘s “1984”.

There is also an interesting resource here.

I really want to go through the writings of Orthodox Christian saints and dig up some absurdities, inconsistencies and cruelties one day. So, the Bible says:

“I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man. She must be quiet.” (1 Timothy 2:12)

“Go, now, attack Amalek, and deal with him and all that he has under the ban. Do not spare him, but kill men and women, children and infants, oxen and sheep, camels and asses.” (1 Samuel 15:3)

“You shall not let a sorceress live.” (Exodus 22:18) Read the rest of this entry »

on Judging

In взаимоотношения, мораль, отношения, психология, ethics, good life, moral issues, религия, философия, христианство, people, philosophy, relationship, religion on February 7, 2013 at 08:24

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged” they will tell you. Do not judge – and learn from your own mistakes. Judge – and learn from the mistakes of others. More efficient.

Do not judge – and somebody else never will learn a lesson and will be carrying on doing wrong to you – or to others. Judge openly. Sometime people do not understand that they did something wrong UNLESS they are told off.


“Не судите, да не судимы будете”, – скажут вам. Если вы будете себя вести подобным образом, вам придется учиться только на своих ошибках. Судите – и учитесь на ошибках других. Быстрее и качественнее.

Не судите, и тот, кто обидел вас, пойдет обижать дальше. Часто люди не понимают, что сделали что-то не так, если им никто не скажет, не осудит их в открытую.

Газета.Ru – НОВОСТИ / В окно музея Набокова в Петербурге кинули бутылку: писателя обвиняют в педофилии и грозят «гневом Божиим»

In art, city, Россия, взгляд из Православия, забавно, история, книги, мораль, православие, ethics on January 29, 2013 at 11:11

http://m.gazeta.ru/social/news/2013/01/10/n_2700505.shtml Газета.Ru – НОВОСТИ / В окно музея Набокова в Петербурге кинули бутылку: писателя обвиняют в педофилии и грозят «гневом Божиим» http://m.gazeta.ru/social/news/2013/01/10/n_2700505.shtml «Теперь наш т.н. «атаман» хочет использовать совсем иные способы борьбы с Набоковым и прочими нехристианскими и невозможными к показу искусствами. Один из наших активистов совершил нападение на музей Набокова, до этого постоянно посылая им письма с угрозами. Он бросил в окно бутылку с запиской, где были цитаты из Библии и угрозы нападения», — говорит один из борцов за нравственность. Ранее проверить романы «Лолита» Владимира Набокова и «Сто лет одиночества» Габриэля Гарсиа Маркеса на пропаганду педофилии предлагал протоиерей Всеволод Чаплин. “ Вот они, борцы с мировым литературным наследием. Протоиереи и атаманы во всей своей красе… А “неудобные” места из их любимой Библии, книги примитивной, варварской, жестокой, забыты напрочь.

Pressured by church to sign a petition…

In history, relationship, religion on February 25, 2012 at 07:44

My former Orthodox church suggested to me to join a petition against gay marriage… That’s what I replied (for the record).

Could you please remove me and my children from all mailing and parish lists as we are not interested in religion any more?

Because of this I am also not interested in formalising personal relationships but as a person who has been married I feel it would be utterly unkind for me to deny this opportunity
for any other grown up people, whatever they sex or number would be. I feel the things which really matter in any relationship are freedom, love and happiness, not labels,
certificates or an opinion of absolute strangers. I am so happy I can now say freely what I have been suppressing inside for years.

I hope you will understand,


These is a gross mistake in the text of their petition: “Throughout history and in virtually all human societies marriage has always been the union of a man and a woman. Marriage reflects the complementary natures of men and women…” “If marriage is redefined once, what is to stop it being redefined to allow polygamy?” As far as I know, polygamy was quite common in many societies. Plus very early marriages forbidden now. Traditions can’t help their case. Also funny that their petition is not on official government site. Probably wouldn’t pass the standard.

The message has been forwarded from the main priest at official church mail address so the pressure on parish members to join the petition is obvious.

Anyway here is the link to an opposite petition if anybody is interested. No pressure whatsoever 🙂

Thats not the point, forgive my argumentum ad Hitlerum

In history, religion on August 20, 2011 at 07:16

There are debates whether Adolf Hitler was a Christian. The arguing is fueled by his (and his supporters) photos like these:

This is what I have to say.
 I’ve heard from many Christians (and Muslims too) that other adepts who believe slightly differently are not true, real Christians / Muslims. Every time a member of an organization does something outrageous all his organizations rush to say that this person wasn’t their “real” member. A striking recent example is Anders Behring Breivik. Look what his church, lodge, party said. So yesterday he was their member and his line of thoughts probably was OK with at least some other members. But he followed it to the logical end and committed a horrific crime. Immediately they have nothing to do with him.

Hitler certainly posed with Christians and their churches whatever his true beliefs were. Presumably he thought it would help his image and popularity. Lots of political leaders since Constantine used Christianity in the same way. There were Christians and their clerics supporting Hitler. See here or here. IT WAS POSSIBLE. Would it be possible with Humanists / Humanism or Pacifists / Pacifism? That what the text under the middle photo (“Christianity is a religion of peace”) really meant in my opinion.

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