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Another Russian New Year Card is sold

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Northern Folk Season’s Greetings

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A drawing and a card are sold

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Sunny Yard – An original pen and pencil drawing of a running girl

A card and a painting are sold – Thank you!

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Russian Glowing Tree Merry Christmas Card card
Russian Glowing Tree Merry Christmas Card by Linandara

Sandy beach in Aberdyfi / Aberdovey, Wales, UK

Sandy beach in Aberdyfi  /  Aberdovey, Wales, UK

Pine Cone Obsession

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Field with Crows by Alexandra Cook aka Linandara

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Field with Crows Hand Drawn Glittery Seasonal Christmas card

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A Russian Orthodox Christmas Card Sold

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Russian Orthodox Christmas Card card
Russian Orthodox Christmas Card by Linandara
Thank you very much and Merry Christmas!

New Christmas Ornaments

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Big freeze…

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We have got a bit of Moscow winter this year. It was about -12 C last night. Heating and gas are still OK, but poor boiler works as hard as it can. We are only partly double glazed, big windows & thin brick walls, but this wasn’t a problem before, and hopefully won’t be again for the next 30 years… Iceland food delivery is frozen to death but fortunately I’ve stock up enough supplies just before the New Year.

I am really enjoying the weather but a bit worried about my subtropical plants in the garden. I covered what I could with juniper branches and snow. It is cold but sunny at the moment but I haven’t uploaded the latest photos yet. Maybe I even venture sketching till the snow melts.

Happy kids went sledging after school first time in their life (!) a couple of days ago – I used to do it almost every day in winter as a child. Other kids came to us asking how to slide down properly. I Moscow we either used our fur coats, or pieces of cardboard boxes, water-soaked and then frozen. In my mom’s time, kids froze a layer of water in a bucket, took it out and slide on top of this.

Here is a collage of kids in the garden. We are such a dynamic family that its impossible to have everybody in the picture at the same time!

I found very annoying that it is difficult to find proper warm clothes (socks, tall snow boots, a coat) for my son. Girls are OK, there is a great choice of stuff. Warm trekking socks of kids sizes ALL have something pink on them… Why couldn’t it be green??? And what about the size 3 boots? Its scares me to see lots of man and boys wearing wellington boots in the weather like this instead of proper cosy winter boots like women. Its just not fair!

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