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Religious Uniform

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there is something I call “religious uniform”. I think some people wear their outfits for the sake of being recognized in their everyday life. Where we live there are many ladies and girls who always wear little symbolical scarves and skirts. I don’t know who they are. My kids used to be friends to some of the kids form these families and on few occasions they tried to invite their schoolmates to our home. The parents always objected. For me its just feels like they silently say “We are so pure. You will spoil our children”. These people always seems to talk to each other. And I wonder, if two people simultaneously ask for help, would they rather run to the one of their own kind? Is this “uniform” a tool to divide human beings and treat them differently?

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Pretty Floral Girls Jeans

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Nepal Cinquefoil Flower T-Shirt

Two killed for listening to music

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“March 15, 2005 – Basra, Iraq – Some 30 hooded members of Mugtada al-Sadr (al-Mahdi Army) attacked a group of Basra University Engineering students who were on a picnic at al-Andalus Park, and beat them with batons and sticks “in the name of Islam.” One Christian student, Zahra Ashor, was killed and 15 others badly injured. When a fellow student attempted to help Zahra, he was shot in the head. At least 20 students were kidnapped and taken to Sadr’s office in al-Tuwaisa for “interrogation.” The gang stole the students’ personal belongings, cell phones and jewelry, and destroyed the tape recorder and music tapes of the Assyrians. The attacks were carried out because the students were listening to music and the females were not wearing the Islamic hijab (veil).”

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