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Газета.Ru – НОВОСТИ / В окно музея Набокова в Петербурге кинули бутылку: писателя обвиняют в педофилии и грозят «гневом Божиим»

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http://m.gazeta.ru/social/news/2013/01/10/n_2700505.shtml Газета.Ru – НОВОСТИ / В окно музея Набокова в Петербурге кинули бутылку: писателя обвиняют в педофилии и грозят «гневом Божиим» http://m.gazeta.ru/social/news/2013/01/10/n_2700505.shtml «Теперь наш т.н. «атаман» хочет использовать совсем иные способы борьбы с Набоковым и прочими нехристианскими и невозможными к показу искусствами. Один из наших активистов совершил нападение на музей Набокова, до этого постоянно посылая им письма с угрозами. Он бросил в окно бутылку с запиской, где были цитаты из Библии и угрозы нападения», — говорит один из борцов за нравственность. Ранее проверить романы «Лолита» Владимира Набокова и «Сто лет одиночества» Габриэля Гарсиа Маркеса на пропаганду педофилии предлагал протоиерей Всеволод Чаплин. “ Вот они, борцы с мировым литературным наследием. Протоиереи и атаманы во всей своей красе… А “неудобные” места из их любимой Библии, книги примитивной, варварской, жестокой, забыты напрочь.

Teen forced to marry rapist

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Amman – The ordeal of a 14-year-old girl who was kidnapped and raped repeatedly for three days has infuriated Jordanians, especially when her attacker agreed to marry her to avoid going to jail.

In conservative Muslim societies like Jordan, rapists can walk free thanks to penal code Article 308, known as the “rape-law.”

In April, the unidentified girl was shopping in the northern city of Zarqa when a 19-year-old man kidnapped her, took her to the desert where he had a pitched a tent and raped her for three consecutive days, judicial sources said.

Police found the girl during a routine patrol, drove her back to her family home and arrested the man.

Within days news emerged that the boy had agreed to marry the girl, while all charges against him have been dropped.

Earlier this month, another girl, aged 15, was talked into following a young man to an empty apartment in Amman where she was also raped.

Judicial sources say the young man is now desperately trying to work out an arrangement with her family to marry her, to avoid going to jail.

Article 308 allows rape charges to be dropped if the perpetrator agrees to marry the victim. He cannot divorce the woman for five years.

“This article of the law not only helps perpetrators walk free, it rewards them by allowing them to marry their victims, who get punished… for God knows what,” Nadia Shamrukh, head of the Jordanian Women’s Union, told AFP.

“By applying this law, another crime is committed. How can this 14-year-old girl, who is a minor anyway, marry her rapist? Can you imagine this?”

The rape of a child under the age of 15 is punishable by death in Jordan, which recorded 379 cases of rape in 2010, according to court documents.

“In one case, we tried so hard to prevent a rapist from marrying an 18-year-old girl, who did not want to end up being his wife,” said Eva Abu Halaweh, a lawyer and human rights activist who heads law group Mizan.

“But the girl’s father struck a deal with the unemployed rapist, who was already married to another woman and had six children. He was unable to provide for his family and his wife was a beggar.”

Abu Halaweh said the law is “inefficient anyway.”

“It should be scrapped. What if a girl gets raped by more than one man? In this case, Article 308 will fail to address the problem,” she said.

“Even if the victim does not resist marrying her rapist, he should not walk free… The penalty could be reduced.”

But Israa Tawalbeh, the country’s first woman coroner, sees “nothing wrong in Article 308 as such.”

“The problem is how some local and international human rights groups interpret the law,” she told AFP.

“Actual rape cases are rare in our society. Sometimes, girls under 18 lose their virginity to force their families to accept marriage to their boyfriends. The law categorises this as rape.”

Tawalbeh said the law “solves problems for some.”

“Accepting marriage under Article 308 is better than leaving girls to be killed by their parents or relatives,” she said.

“I think the law fits our society and reality. It protects the girls by forcing attackers to marry them.”

In Jordan, between 15 and 20 women are murdered annually in the name of “honour” and at least six such killings have been reported so far this year, according to authorities.

Murder is punishable by death, but in “honour killings,” courts sometimes commute or reduce sentences.

But Hani Jahshan, who is a forensic pathologist and physician at the health ministry and the Family Protection Directorate, has a quite different view of Article 308.

“This law is a stark violation of rights of women and children,” he said “Sexual violence has a deep impact on victims that could last for a long time, and if a raped girl marries her rapist, her suffering will only be aggravated.”

Jahshan blamed social misconceptions.

“Society believes that a female’s virginity must be preserved until marriage. This forces girls to marry their rapists in order to protect her reputation and avoid social problems,” he said.

Jordanians, particularly women activists, have held several street protests against the law.

“This issue must be effectively addressed,” Nadia Hashem Alul, Jordan’s first state minister for women’s affairs, told AFP. “I think Article 308 should be amended to ensure justice to rape victims.” – Sapa-AFP

A way to honesty

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is not  to judge any event as a liberal or conservative, “right” or “left”, “green”, “brown”, christian, pro-something, anti-something, etc, with those party policies, allegiances and sacred books, but to judge every time by your own reason, your own heart. Mistakes could happen, new evidence could be revealed – so I can change my opinion. I am free to do this. And only this way I am thinking for myself.

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But there is indeed something to be learned from the history of morality. It is that it consists in a struggle – a Heraclitean one, as the flux back and forth shows, and a Herculean one, given how much of the happiness of mankind is at stake – between what, for brievity, one might call ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ values…
….Most people, as individuals, never belong fully to either party, but hover between, tending to err on the liberal side in respect of their own conduct and on the concervative side in respect of others’ conduct. One large difference between the parties is that when the concervatives have the upper hand they actively persecute the liberals (in the past going so far as to burn them at the stake), whereas the liberals, when ascendant, cause conservatives no greater agonies that those of disapproval and chagrin.


The Choice of Hercules

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Bolivian Mennonites jailed for serial rapes
The convicted men were part of a 2,000-strong Mennonite community

A court in Bolivia has sentenced seven members of a reclusive conservative Christian group to 25 years in prison for raping more than 100 women.

The men, members of a Mennonite group, secretly sedated their victims before the sex attacks.

The victims’ lawyer said the 2000-strong Mennonite community where the rapes happened welcomed the sentence.

The group follows a strict moral code and rejects modern inventions such as cars and electricity.

An eighth man was sentenced to 12-and-a-half years for supplying the sedative used to drug the women.

The rapes happened in the Mennonite community of Manitoba, 150km (93 miles) north-east of the city of Santa Cruz.

Shocking crimes

The court heard that the men sprayed a substance derived from the belladonna plant normally used to anaesthetise cows through bedroom windows at night, sedating entire families.

They then raped the women and girls. The youngest victim was nine years old.

Mennonite Churches descend from Protestant communities in Europe
There are said to be some 1.5 million Mennonites worldwide
Mennonites follow the teachings of Menno Simons, a 16th Century religious leader from what is now the Netherlands
Recent figures suggest there are 15,400 Mennonites in Bolivia
The exact number of those raped is not clear. Some women had no recollection of being raped, while others feared being ostracised in the deeply conservative community, lawyer Oswaldo Rivera said.

Mr Rivera said almost 150 had taken part in the trial, but he feared there could be another 150 too ashamed to give evidence.

He said some feared they would not be able to find a husband if it was known they had been raped, as women are expected to abstain from sex until marriage.

Prosecutor Freddy Perez said colony elders suspected something was wrong when they wondered why one man was getting up so late in the mornings, and they decided to shadow him.

He was then spotted jumping through a window into one of the victim’s houses.

The BBC’s Mattia Cabitza in Santa Cruz said it proved difficult to gather evidence from the victims because of the community’s isolation and patriarchal structure.

The convicted men were also accused of threatening the fathers of some of the victims not to speak out.

Irreversible damage

Many of the victims speak only low German, the language of the Mennonite founding fathers, and have never learned Spanish.

There are some 30-40,000 Mennonites in Paraguay and Bolivia.

While many of them are indistinguishable from their neighbours and have religious beliefs very similar to mainline Protestant and Evangelical groups, others reject modern life and live in isolated communities.

Manitoba Colony, where the rapes happened, is an ultra-conservative community, with no paved roads or electricity.

Its members move around by horse-drawn buggy and dress in traditional Mennonite dress.

Mr Rivera welcomed the sentences but said he feared some of the women had suffered irreversible damage.


Diary of a Do-Gooder: Day 9: What is it with me and animals?

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“Were dogs not a species of creature, I should command that they all be killed. Instead, kill every pure black one, for the black dog is the devil.” — [disputed] Muhammad (S)

Islam’s position on dogs is complicated – more so by hadith like this one. Scholars differ on hadith like these. More traditional, conservative Muslims say that they are totally authentic. Many Islamic scholars, however, have found that the chain of authority in these hadith (the chain of the people that transmitted these sayings) is very weak, and that it may very well be the case that these sayings were attributed to the Prophet Muhammad (S) without that actually being true. Furthermore, they cite another hadith, which they say has been verified according to the chains of authority, in which Muhammad (S) prayed one of the five daily prayers while dogs that he was at least familiar with (it is unclear whether the dogs were his, but they were familiar to him) played next to him.

On the point of the black dog, examination of the Arabic in the different hadith that refer to the pure black dog being the devil has caused many scholars to assert that what was actually meant in way of context was ‘the dog that bites indiscriminately,’ referring to the rabid dog. This also fits with the many verified hadith in which the Prophet Muhammad (S) says that it is not a sin to kill a rabid dog (whereas it IS a sin to kill a living creature, even an ant).

Moving on to my story for the day…

I was out with my brother last night. He was picking up the take out and I sat in the car with my feet hanging out the window, like always. A young man walked by with a beautiful black dog on a leash. I like dogs, and he must have seen me admiring the dog from inside the car, because he stopped and called out, “Hey, do you know anyone who would want to adopt this dog?”

I was pretty surprised – I don’t usually talk to strangers or have them call out to me, unless they’re guys being pigs. I replied that I did not, and he asked if I wanted to adopt the dog. I couldn’t, and I told him that. He said that he really needed to get rid of her but he wanted her to go to a good home.

He was walking away when something occurred to me. I got out of the car and called out to him that he should call the Naperville Area Humane Society, located just a mile or two away. He said he couldn’t do that because they’d euthanize her. I told him that they wouldn’t – they’re a no-kill shelter and I know this because I volunteer there every week.

He asked if I had a number, which I didn’t. Since my brother was driving and picking up the food, I didn’t even bring my wallet or phone. I was just out for the fresh air and my little brother’s company. He said he really was hoping for a number, but all I remembered was the address.

I thought the conversation was over when something else occurred to me. I told him to walk down a few stores (we were in a nice little plaza where there was an Indian restaurant, an Italian restaurant, an Office Max, a Binny’s Beverage Depot, a Comcast Supply store, and more) to the Binny’s and ask for the manager. The Binny’s family has a ton of liquor stores throughout the Chicagoland area, and they donate a TON of money to the Humane Society. We work with the one we were standing by often, doing beer and wine tastings in conjunction with our adoption events. I knew they’d have the information, since we’re in touch all the time.

He thanked me and walked off with his beautiful dog, and I got back in my car. I liked that he immediately balked at my suggestion of the shelter out of fear that they’d euthanize the dog he was trying to get rid of.

An important PSA: when you’re in a situation where a dog is being surrendered, or abused, or is brought in on suspicion of abuse, or a bite or mauling, whether you’re an attorney dealing with these forfeiture/abuse cases, a judge presiding over them, a cop responding to them, a vet treating them, or a civilian that is none of the above, keep something in mind.

Learn to spot the signs of a dog that has been used in a dog fight. Commonly, these dogs will be pit bulls or rotties, breeds like that, which are commonly (and wrongly) said to have natural violent tendencies. Look for scratch marks on the body, and particularly bite marks on the neck. The key areas to look for scratches are faces, front legs, hind end, and thighs. A lot of pit bulls or rottweilers being kept in one area is a big giveaway. The biggest tip-off, however, is when a dog is missing his ears. People who enter ‘their’ dogs in fights will often cut off the dog’s ears (do you really think they use anesthesia or sterilized tools?) so that the other dog can’t grab them with his teeth to gain leverage during the fight.

Remember these tell-tale signs and keep your eyes open. Contact law enforcement if you are suspicious of dogs being used for fighting purposes. Dog fighting is an illegal activity and rightfully so.

Diary of a Do-Gooder: Day 9: What is it with me and animals?

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