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Sometime I make #ragdolls … #craft #handmade #recycled #upcycled #textile #art #textileart #doll #dolls #toys #market #куклы #игрушка #fabric #colorful (Taken with Instagram)

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Dve Booki Grey Monster Couple in Crochet by Alexandra Cook aka Linandara

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Thinking of You Photo Card by Alexandra Cook aka Linandara

Thinking of You Photo Card

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with a photograph of two textile pals. The text is customizable.

Misfit Betty Unique Soft Rag Toy with red yarn hair and denim body

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Star Wars Padme Amidala Doll

A Barbie-sized (30 cm = 12 inches tall) plastic doll. Has been in wars: The neck is damaged, some pen and glue marks, no clothes, the hair is tangled)…:)

Boo – one of a kind rag doll with red hair

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Becky the Red Haired Rag Doll, 14 inches 36 cm tall by Alexandra Cook

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Metamorphosis Lady-Moth poseable doll

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Little Lady Primitive Hand Made Babushka Rag 9 Doll

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