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Protest in the air

In politics on November 23, 2011 at 11:28

What I found a real waste of time on TV recently was this “occupy” movement. If the people are worried about inequality why don’t they go and help poor people, tell about their stories, form a new political party or movement, propose new economical solutions, plant some seeds of a new and just society, etc. Why tents? I just can’t stand people sitting and doing nothing. Most of really poor people are working very hard to earn a living, they have no time to seat in tents.

Why anti-capitalist? I’ve seen socialist economies in deep crisis too.

Why try to damage the financial system? Rich people have their property, gold and expensive things they can sell, poor people might just have some money in a bank. Who will suffer most if a bank will collapse? Were there rich people queueing in  front of Northern Rock?

Its just seems that there is protest in the air all over the world and many people just go and riot, demonstrate, throw stones at anything without much thought about why do they do this. I see a ghost of Lev Gumilev…

Little Shops

In shopping on April 3, 2009 at 15:33

Its a pain to see many little shops closing down. We counted something like 17 last time in the center of Shrewsbury. Yet, I think, one of the reasons for this is their working hours.

Many mothers and fathers, like me, are probably doing their shopping just after taking the kids to school or just before picking them up. Yet lots of little shops are still closed in the morning. There are some without clearly indicated working hours on the window, and ones where the shopkeeper is almost always late… There is a very nice little gift shop in Newtown, Vanilla Rose, but its tricky to get inside. Few days ago I went here in the afternoon and there was a sticker saying on the door “back at 3”. I did some shopping (looking for some presents for my relatives), went back… and found the same piece of paper saying now “back at 3.15”. I couldn’t wait any more and bought everything in another shop… Most shops do close early, even more true to say this about the market stalls – they owners already have packed half of their staff when I go shopping in the afternoon.

Also most of this little places don’t accept card payments. Because of this lots of shoppers will be very careful not to pick up too much items. Its good for buyers but not so good for shop owners.

Anyway, I think last few decades have seen too many people buying things they don’t really needed (like new clothes when old ones were still wearable, or new furniture when old one still was in one piece… yes!). It was unnatural. And I feel it is unrealistic to expect this to carry on forever. So, unfortunately, some shops (and factories) have to go for good.

Gloomy picture

In art, crafts, good life, politics on February 23, 2009 at 09:50

Plenty of this on TV now. People loosing jobs, sitting at home, desperate, playing computer games or getting angry. No positive advice to people like “try to learn new skills” or “try to turn a hobby into a new job” (for stories like this look on Etsy ), “try to move to the countryside and learn self sufficiency”. Its just like somebody wants people be gloomy and desperate…

Car industry

In car-free living on February 6, 2009 at 14:03

So much is said on the news that it’s so unfortunately that people don’t buy many cars any more. The car industry suffers and that’s so bad. Well why nobody tells that perhaps people were buying too many cars before? Several per family – used mostly just to get to local school or shops. They say its so sad that the borrowing stopped. It seems to me that the global economy IS in this mess because of overborrowing and overspending…

Broken Solar Panels

In art, eco-friendly, moral issues, xenophobia on December 8, 2008 at 13:00

There is a house not far away from ours. Just one more of the simple 70s dwellings. It is the only one (as far as I know) having solar water heating system in the area. And it is BROKEN. I don’t know what had happened but it looks like somebody had thrown a stone at it from the street, breaking this expensive piece of technology and the owners couldn’t afford to (or just didn’t wanted to) replace it. Some people don’t forgive you for being different, be it an accent or solar panels…

Another sad thing, I’ve noticed quite a lot of desperate messaged from artists on the net like “this recession kills me”, “I have to lower my prices for a time being” and so on… Well, somebody actually told me that people may invest in art during depression as its price ought to go up eventually. So, lets hope for the best!

Artist & Recession

In art, computers on December 5, 2008 at 11:01

A link with advises on running a business:


Thanks to http://sophieploeg.blogspot.com for posting this link!

Polish shop closed

In shopping on December 3, 2008 at 17:16

We used to have a little Polish shop in Newtown. There was some publicity about it:


Its looks like another charity shop is moving in now. Well, the Polish Corner used to have very good natural cordials and herbal teas, but, for my taste had too much junk food made by international manufacturers with Polish labels. Anyway, its a bit sad. That was the only ethnic food shop in town!

PS. And the only place in town accepting Western Union money transfers is stopping doing them from Friday. It really feels like being cut off from the rest of the world!

Last weekend

In art, car-free living, kids, photography, space on December 2, 2008 at 14:18

On Friday Christmas lights have been switched on in Newtown. Its one of the biggest events in the town but as usual you only can find out about it if you you talk to people: there wasn’t any announcements on streets (no, sorry, there was one – outside the town, for car drivers). The official town’s website

haven’t been updated since September the first (NEWS! its even worse for local school websites) and so on. Well we asked some men installing merry-go-round and ended up coming 2 hours yearly on freezing-cold night. BUT we managed to see the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle passing above as two very bright stars (soon after they separated).

Traditional light-switching speech by our mayor http://www.newtown.org.uk/index.htm (her “unique selling position” is being a single mom) was aimed against people trying to save electricity (she called them Scrooge). Well I think we have to have Christmas lights. But on Christmas EVE. The joy of Christmas is really spoiled by such an early start. There also is lot of controversy about switching 2/3 of street light in the Powys county. Some people think it will help criminals (not that there are many of them here, thank goodness for that!). I think its more difficult for thieves to use torches than for local residents as they (criminals) don’t really want to be spotted.

Anyway we had a nice firework display and kids got two more lightsabers (I know I complained of too many toys at home, but it so difficult for me to say NO to kids).
On Saturday we visited Ten Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci and Mapping the Welsh Group at 60 exhibitions. For my daughter, who likes art generally, famous Leonardo’s works didn’t mean nearly as much as some of symbolist contemporary works from the second exhibition. I literally couldn’t pull her away from them when we had to go.

We also seen wonderful mirage (distant mountains on the other side of the huge bay looked much closer, hovering over the sea) and sunset with myriads of starlings flying around the pier in Aberystwyth.

Life without Google

In computers, time on November 25, 2008 at 07:28

I can’t stop thinking: what if this crisis kills Internet? Or something else does? What we are going to do? By the way there is new Survivors TV series (remake) on BBC:


I don’t know yet if its going to be any good but feels somehow possible now. What scares me the most its the loss of order, when everybody who is stronger takes what he or she wants. I just hope we never see it in real life!

Current situation & frugal against my own will

In about me, car-free living, eco-friendly, good life, politics on November 16, 2008 at 06:08

I’ve read an interesting article by Dmitry Orlov


It compares the collapse of the USSR (which I sort of experienced) with present economic situation. Frankly, I’ve already started to gradually increase amount of tinned and dry food in my storage, buying seeds of edible plants and reducing spending even more.

During the Soviet Union Collapse I was young and naive, lived with my mother and spent most time just dreaming. So I mostly missed it and I don’t feel sorry for that. Now I did criticize the consumer culture living in the USA and UK for the last eight years but I feel a bit upset I didn’t participated. We never went on a cheap holiday to a popular destination, visiting kids’ grandparents instead. We never had flown by a cheap airline (they don’t have flights between the destinations we need!). We never had a car. We were buying mostly second hand clothes. We never had thrown away something we didn’t need anymore but still useful. Instead we were trying to sell it in our Ebay shop – to earn few pounds. I’ve been to hairdressers maybe 3 or 4 times during this period because that would cost too much and personally I don’t like being interrogated about my life during my haircut. We never borrowed any money apart from mortgage which was unfortunately unavoidable. We had to switch heating on in our house only when it was really needed – to save money. We haven’t been buying perennial flowers in big boxes from a plant nursery just to throw them away next season as I’ve seen many people (and councils) do. I’ve been trying make my own compost as I couldn’t afford to buy some (once it did went really wrong :-). We didn’t went much to restaurants. I had nobody to chat for hours on the telephone, mobile or not. We haven’t been replacing old things with new unless we really had to. I’ve missed all that and it looks like its gone for good now…

That’s very good, somebody might say. Yes, but it wasn’t entirely my choice of lifestyle! Well I think all this happened because I didn’t went out to work but stayed at home with my kids and my paintings. That was my choice… although I’d still love to have a Landrover Defender or a motocaravan to visit beautiful and exotic places (Gypsy blood), to have nice organic clothes for the family and to start my own large orchard. Hope dies the last.

Another thing I wanted to say – thank you very much to everybody who sent me kind comments during last few days (sorry for my English by the way). Now that I know that somebody is actually reading what I write – I’m really scarred…

PS. There is a long list of labels (topics, subjects) on the left, so if you want to read say about oil pastels only you can do this. I also have a nasty habit of rewriting old posts or adding something to them – sorry

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