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Thinking of You Photo Card by Alexandra Cook aka Linandara


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Every journey is shorter with a friend.

Hello again, Big Brother…

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Its just as bad as during Soviet times sometime. Political correctness, spin and citizens constantly spying on citizens. Day after day there is something on the news – neighbours being filmed secretly over the fence, so called “friends” reporting private conversations and so on. Yes, real criminals should be punished, but at what price?

I am actually a person who, unfortunately, could be easily offended by any word (but also fast to forgive & forget) so I just can’t understand how any even slightly “politically incorrect” unintentional word is considered almost a crime nowadays. Somebody always will be offended by one thing or another. But its presumably OK to hate your neighbours, spy on them and report them. And to have one-sided national news coverage on many occasions – that’s not politically incorrect.

“Oh, Hello!” – just waiving to the next door camera pointing directly at our kitchen window. And this is probably one of the most low-crime places on Earth…

12 February 2009

The key lies in who we talk to, and who we listen to, on what really concerns us. We can sometimes talk more honestly to strangers than to friends, but not with the same degree of significance, because what we discuss with friends stays alive in the relationship thereafter, affecting its course and influencing the character of the parties to it. Aristotle described a friend as “another self”, and that is sometimes true enough to make a friend the deceiver we need when we need to be deceived, and the absolver we need when we need absolution. But more importantly still, friends are the Others we need, and who need us, for the sake of the difference and connectedness which give us the feedback, the testing ground, the support and the acceptably modulated challenges that condition us – and the companionship and merriment that keep us sane.

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Extract from Heart of Things by A.C. Grayling

Criminalising denial and true friendship

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I’ve seen on several occasions people advocating for criminalising denial of something, normally atrocities. Its so against free thinking, and its often very politicized. If one is sure ones opponent is wrong one should have some solid proof. Otherwise I can imagine a gloomy picture of future people discussing historical issues and one is saying: “I think in reality something else was going on”… – and all suddenly are quiet, terrified of consequences…

My old real friends stay with me whatever my worldview may be, however it changes. Some religious people used to follow my blogs have run away as soon as I told them about the changes in my attitudes. It’s like that for fundamentalists the dogma is more important than people or that they are afraid following me as it will open their eyes and uncover their illusions too…

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