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“Whereas the hard power of bullets and bayonets can win battles, it is only soft power that can win wars” – A. C. Grayling

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I believe that a mature civilised society ought to be funding universities properly through tax. Students should go to university for nothing because it’s an investment that society’s making in itself

A.C. Grayling

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… and he saw – as we in our age of fragmented specialisms often fail to see – that everything is connected and mutually fructive. That is the true spirit of Renaissance humanism.

A.C. Grayling

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But there is indeed something to be learned from the history of morality. It is that it consists in a struggle – a Heraclitean one, as the flux back and forth shows, and a Herculean one, given how much of the happiness of mankind is at stake – between what, for brievity, one might call ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ values…
….Most people, as individuals, never belong fully to either party, but hover between, tending to err on the liberal side in respect of their own conduct and on the concervative side in respect of others’ conduct. One large difference between the parties is that when the concervatives have the upper hand they actively persecute the liberals (in the past going so far as to burn them at the stake), whereas the liberals, when ascendant, cause conservatives no greater agonies that those of disapproval and chagrin.


The Choice of Hercules

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… most people live borrowed lives because they borrow their opinions, their emotions, their goals and beliefs, from others, for they either do not know how to make and have their own, or are too timid to venture making and having their own. To dare to think for oneself, carefully; and to stand by one’s conclusions, bravely; and to change one’s mind in the face of better arguments or convincing evidence, honestly: these are the marks of freedom, the emblems of autonomy…

A.C. Grayling

The Choice of Hercules

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there are still many today, too many, who submit to systems, which means letting the systems do their choosing and thinking for them; and given that almost all these systems were devised in the remote past, they can be made to fit modern conditions only by much bending, temporising, reinterpretation, and straightforward hypocrisy.

A.C. Grayling

The Choice of Hercules

The key lies in who we talk to, and who we listen to, on what really concerns us. We can sometimes talk more honestly to strangers than to friends, but not with the same degree of significance, because what we discuss with friends stays alive in the relationship thereafter, affecting its course and influencing the character of the parties to it. Aristotle described a friend as “another self”, and that is sometimes true enough to make a friend the deceiver we need when we need to be deceived, and the absolver we need when we need absolution. But more importantly still, friends are the Others we need, and who need us, for the sake of the difference and connectedness which give us the feedback, the testing ground, the support and the acceptably modulated challenges that condition us – and the companionship and merriment that keep us sane.

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Extract from Heart of Things by A.C. Grayling

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