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New Love card design

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Recent Artwork Sales

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A “quote art”, an abstract pattern hand drawn card (for the Chinese New Year) and an oil pastel tree


And another one of those….

Thank you so much!

Cards & presents

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It bothers me, why on Earth people need to send or give greeting cards if they actually SEE the person they are sending them to at his or her Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas? And why people BUY cards with somebodies else message printed in them? It’s difficult to find a blank card in shops. Anyway, now so many people have computers, cameras and printers, why not to do something original, from a heart? Even if it’s just a citation form a favorite poet, etc. Its all totally above me. I guess you have to be born in this culture to understand. Mind you, it starts to catch up in Russia too, unfortunately.

Traditions only are worth it when they came from a heart and generally good for you…

And why relatives and friends have to give kids mountains of toys on Birthdays and Christmas? I’ve seen so many times poor children crying for hours because of over excitement! And a piece of advice for toy-buyers: if there are more than four jigsaw puzzles for kids at home – they will get mixed up. Complex games will have irreplaceable pieces lost or broken. Expensive electronic toys will get unintentionally broken too. If you kids have too much toys it will became impossible to tidy them up properly neither for you nor for kids themselves (we are learning all this hard way). One of he best birthday presents for a child may be a keyboard which helps to learn to play good music. And K’nex construction kits. Also young kids still don’t mind if the toys are second hand – save your money and enviroment!

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