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Some thoughts on the interview with Jim Al-Khalili

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I agree that humanists should work more on the positive side of secular life, on creating the society which would be caring, loving, tolerant. But I can’t agree with accepting these Christian statements as rules. Turning the other cheek in many cases would give the wrong message to an offender. And different people call different things “love”. I still remember being told that to love in Christian understanding is to wish to a person being saved by God… That’s all.

I am a bit worried to hear about “good manners” when there still is inequality and injustice backed up by religions on this planet.

Maybe I was lucky – I’ve never seen atheists knocking on doors or surrounding people on the streets with the purpose of converting. .. I think some of us feel themselves as an offending side only because of the hyper sensitivity of many religious people to slightest disagreement with their views.

I respect kindness, courage, honesty, creativity, everybody’s right for self-expression but how could I “respect views” with which I disagree? And is a person civilized because of his or her “political correctness” or rather because that person can’t tolerate another person being abused?

I also think it is very important for secular people to stop mimicking religious ones. We don’t need “atheist churches” or ” humanist bibles”. We should work on positive and original self-identification, promote various aspects of secular lifestyle.

A new customised notebook & floral stamping

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So cold at the market today!

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A humanist is someone who does the right thing even though she knows that no one is watching

Dick McMahan, New York humanist, 2004

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… and he saw – as we in our age of fragmented specialisms often fail to see – that everything is connected and mutually fructive. That is the true spirit of Renaissance humanism.

A.C. Grayling

New Enlightenment

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an article

New Enlightenment

Where does evil come from?

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Christopher Hitchens: For us to tell a child, “You go to this church, which means you’ll go to Heaven, but your little playmates don’t go to this church, and therefore will go to Hell,” seems to me to be an unpleasant thing to be saying. Perhaps I’m in a minority, though.
Frank Turek: That could be an unpleasant thing, but how–
Christopher Hitchens: Actually, an evil thing, and something only a religious person would dream of saying.
Frank Turek: Well, let’s call it evil, Christopher. Where does evil come from?
Christopher Hitchens: Religion. And to answer your next question, morality comes from humanism and is stolen by religion for its own purposes.
Frank Turek: Humanism according to who? Hitler? Mussolini? Stalin? Who?
Christopher Hitchens: You’re saying that Hitler was a humanist?
Frank Turek: Hitchens! Hitchens!
Christopher Hitchens: I’ve lived to hear it said, and in Virginia. Hitler was a Catholic. So was Mussolini.

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The scenes of our life are like pictures in rough mosaic: looked at closely, they produce no effect. There is nothing beautiful to be found in them, unless you stand some distance away.

So, to gain anything we have longed for is only to discover how vain and empty it is; and even though we are always living in expectation of better things, at the same time we often repent and log to have the past back again.

We look upon the present as something to be endured while it lasts. Hence most people, if they glance back when they come to the end of life, will find that all along they have not been living, but merely waiting to live; they will be surprised to find that the very thing they disregarded and allowed to pass them by unenjoyed, was the life they were expecting.

A.C. Grayling  (The Good Book – Lamentations 1-8)

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