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Peackocks, pheasants and chickens

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A couple of weeks ago I have been doing a little acrylic miniature:


Not very happy with the painting but at least one person liked it so I’ll let it be. When I was working on this I’ve accidently stumbled across a sad picture:



Two freshly shot pheasants.  They looked so beautiful from close up… I know people who wish to execute anybody killing pheasants but at the same time eat their close relatives,  chickens and turkeys every day. .. Which just shows how our attitude to animals (and sometime to humans) depends on pretty looks and “cuteness”. It shouldn’t be this way.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with eating animals: lots of people probably are better off with high animal protein diet as this is the food we originally evolved on.  Obviously we should protect endangered species and avoid unnecessary cruelty to animals, especially the ones closest to us by intelligence. Being cruel or destroying the beauty of nature would eventually backfire.  It will make us more cruel to humans too and guilty and depressed. Yet if medical science really needs to experiment with animals it should be allowed: only humans on this planet know how to heal.

I wish I had time to do an old fashioned still life with those pheasants. ..

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We saved the life of this #pigeon #today while on a walk. Cat is probably has enough cat food anyway.. #bird #cat #snowdrops #grass #hunting #hunt #all_shots #Wales #зима #NewtownPowys #Newtown #winter #linandara_animals #petstagram #catstagram

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Four Fox Hunting Paintings by ~linandara

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