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A cat print is sold

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Thank you!

An Article in the local newspaper & TOK

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From a local newspaper “County Times” about the Festival. Me & Ian Anderson portrait on the bottom right


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Space shuttle takes final flight. Where should NASA’s manned missions go now?

First, base on the Moon, then – on Mars. If Earth is hit by a big asteroid an independent colony is a chance for survival.

Meteor crash and asteroid near-miss: Should we invest to defend planet?

Of course. It is one of the biggest real threats to our civilisation.

The Martian Cat is going to America

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Thanks a lot! Will be posted on Monday.

A Whole New World – Sci-Fi Cat on Mars Painting in Acrylic


A "cat on Mars" print is sold

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A rare #latergram as I am happy to be where I am. This one is of #Welsh #sand #dunes near #ShellIsland – to celebrate the success of the Curiosity rover on #Mars 😉 I think even the fact that majority of people don’t think that #curiosity is a “desease” as a “philosopher” suggested is a great reason to celebrate… I used to study the #red Planet and wish to everyone who carries that noble persuit on all the best! #linandara_vista #Wales #lichen #grass #bushes #winter #boulders #shore #coast #UK #дюны #all_shots (Taken with Instagram)

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A curtain, a flower pot, a cat looking out … to a futuristic base on another, red, Mars-like desert planet with a greenhouse dome and people in spacesuits working outside. A Home away from the Earth. A pure fantasy. Acrilic on Winsor canvas board. Approximately 12 x 10 inches (305 x 254 mm), unframed.

A Whole New World – Sci-Fi Cat on Mars Painting in Acrylic

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had it in the attic for quite a while…

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Martian Sunrise

His Last Glimpse of the Sun

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Alexandra Cook

Two figures in spacesuits watching a sunset over the hills, mountains, canyons, dunes and plains of Mars. An illustration for an unfinished chapter in my Russian sci-fi novel (http://www.proza.ru/2008/12/10/483). The text on the painting is from my Martian poem (http://stihi.ru/2008/12/05/1270). As the picture has silver and gold paint it is useful to see it under different angles:

The painting is done with acrylic paint and ink, in a hardboard.

  • Category Painting
  • Medium Acrylic
  • Size 38 x 68 x 0.5 cm
  • Style Impressionism
  • Subject Fantasy
  • Created October 4, 2011
  • Posted October 7, 2011
  • Keywords
    canyon, fantasy, illustration, mars, mountains, sun, sunset, sci-fi , space suits, red planet

Gold explosion

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I’m glad I’m moving my studio from the bedroom to the garage: I’ve just squeezed the tube of golden paint (it was called Pebeo and that was my first try of it) too much and most of it went everywhere. I’ve scraped it up from the floor, walls and boxes and put on the board – nothing is lost. The picture is probably going to be called “His last glimpse of the Sun” and the golden glow is quite appropriate, even on Mars…

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