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Super-intelligence? Collective consciousness?

In history on November 18, 2012 at 08:57

Life appeared in a bubbling soup of elements. Intelligence gradually appeared among hominids as their interactions with each other were becoming more complex. Since that, intelligence has been growing in the mind of every human child.

Will there be a super-intelligence appearing in the bubbling soup of the Internet? People always exchange ideas: by speaking words, writing letters, using books, radio, TV & movies. This is how our civilisation grows. Nowadays, lots of interactions, exchange of information is under the same roof, available for analysis. All what we need is understanding.

In the brain neurons are firing. In our big world, connections are made between individual humans, more and more – through social networks. Would this form a sort of “Borg Collective” one day? Could this be good for the planet? If this consciousness will want to survive, surely, with all our knowledge at hand it will try to save its home.

I’ve noticed the same idea appearing in the minds of independent people at about the same time. Is it a sight of things to come?

We have never seen a consciousness appearing in a single mind. Humans always were social animals, the closest to us by intelligence are social too: apes, dolphins, elephants, etc. Maybe there will be several super-intelligences appearing in parallel? A bit ironic that some computer scientists are trying to create a single AI. Maybe because of this their efforts will be futile…

To read: http://www.edge.org/conversation/collective-intelligence

Mind Prison

In pen and ink, religion, watercolour on October 2, 2011 at 16:48

Alexandra Cook
 An artwork reflecting my long personal relationship with religion: fear, depression and confusion, a journey to nowhere through a land of illusions. Pigment ink and watercolor on watercolor card.

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