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Nottingham Lace Museum Original Plein Air Sketch in Pastel A3

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Now GB £14.84  
Product Description

This is an original one of a kind artwork done in the center of Nottingham, UK around year 2006.

The picture is measuring about 34 x 26 cm (13 x 10 inches)


Inspiration/Story Behind This Product

I love doing plein air sketches.

Materials Used

paper, soft pastel, pastel fixative


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Wollaton park, East Midlands. Bluebells

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Journal of the Nottingham Astronomical Society, 1978

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Wollaton park, East Midlands, UK

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Nottingham Brewhouse Outdoor Original Painting

Three paintings are sold and posted

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Ipomea Original Miniature Artwork, pencil, watercolourIpomea Original Miniature Artwork, pencil, watercolour. A Sketch of an wild ipomea flower done in summer 2010 in Russia.









An Oak on Trehafren Hill. Original ACEO Miniature Card from Newtown, Powys Wales

An Oak on Trehafren Hill. Original ACEO Miniature Card from Newtown, Powys Wales

Quick recent outdoor / plein air watercolour, pen and pencil sketch of an old ivy-covered oak tree on the hill in the center of Newtown, Powys, Wales, UK.

There is a nice white house visible on another hill.

It was a drizzly owercast morning in mid November. Clouds were touching the surrounding hills from time to time.

Size of the image is about 3.5 x 2.5 inches (9 x 7 cm), unframed.


Nottingham Brewhouse Outdoor Original Painting

Nottingham Brewhouse Outdoor Original Painting

Mixed media sketch/drawing on quality card. Done on the spot in Brewhouse yard, Nottingham, East Midlands, England, UK.
approximate measures:
Mount 10 x 13 inches; 26 x 34 cm
Apperture 6 x 9 inches; 16 x 23 cm
Drawing without mount 7 x 11 inches; 18 x 28 cm

Thank you very much for buying!


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An oil pastel over acrylic artwork has been sold. The place is Draycott in Derbyshire, not far from where we used to live.


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I’ve stumbled upon an interesting photo from 2 or 3 years ago in my archive. Its from a medieval Robin Hood Pageant in Nottingham where different times and cultures meet. Not at all that I am advocating for this but I think people often forget that there was a tradition in Europe for women to cover their heads with scarfs and hats.

Xenophobic youngsters in Newtown

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Right, me and my children were… I think its called “verbally abused” for two days in the row by a couple of local high school teenage girls. I almost didn’t noticed them yesterday. As we were passing them by on the way home from school they were asking each others in unnatural loud voices “How to say f… in Polish”. Not actually being Polish I just thought “what a sad life the local girls have” (me and my family, we don’t swear and are trying to keep the kids away from this).

Today in the morning, when we just have leaved our entrance door, they unmistakably shouted at us something like “Polish scum” & f. word (a lot). As I started taking pictures of them, they got scarred and walked quickly away towards the Hope Church. I should admit it was the first time I actually almost went to report somebody to the police. As I citizen of this country I feel responsible. People shouldn’t be abused based on their nationality, Polish or not (they probably heard me speaking Russian to my kids & I guess Poland is the only Eastern European country they know at their age of about 15-17 years). And I think, nobody should swear in public, especially with kids around. But I stopped just before the police doors. Lets give them another chance, I thought. They looked frighten enough when I pulled my camera from the handbag! But any other incident like this, and I’ll do it. As an artist I’ve got a good visual memory (and my kids too), I know they live on Treowen and go to the Newtown High School. My children immediately told everything to their teachers & friends, so, its looks like incident will be known in town.

I had a bit of a shake because all that – always happens to me in similar situations – part of being an INFJ, I suppose. I’m so easily deeply offended but after that I get to such heights of inspirations and revelations, so, thank you, girls, for that!

Well, I should admit, growing up in a major capital city, I’ve been a bit xenophobic myself. Sadly, its seems to be natural for human beings. Its more understandable, if immigrants misbehave or form some sort of mafia. As far as I know, its not the case here. Maybe the condition the two girls live in or a family situation are really bad and they just jealous, maybe they have been brought up with hatred, without a slightest idea about moral and legal norms. Maybe they have been offended by somebody from Poland and now think all foreign-born people are evil. If by any chance you, girls, read this, please came forward and explain your point of view!
When we lived in the USA one of our American friends told me: “Don’t move to Britain, they don’t like Russians there, but we do”… I have been wearing this Russian scarf for 4 years in Virginia and DC. Then, about five years ago, we moved to Long Eaton near Nottingham. I went to a charity shop as usual. It was winter and quite chilly, so I had my scarf on. Exiting the shop I’ve been asked by two boys about 12 years old “what’s the time”. I told them and went forwards. Suddenly they started shooting me from their DIY blow guns, passing by Christmas shoppers looking at this with empty eyes. I absolutely froze and couldn’t do anything. Well, I understood they had asked time to be absolutely sure that I had an accent. Maybe they even though I’m a Muslim, wearing scarf. Later at home my relatives instructed me that I had either get my telephone and (pretend) to call police, or take some photos of the offenders. So I am prepared now… 🙂 But I don’t risk wearing scarfs on the streets of Britain any more… I also probably should be much more careful speaking my native language (or speaking at all!) : -( Mind you, if people want to hate, they will find a reason for this anyway.
PS. Just can’t stop imagining. Years pass, times change, our rude girls are trying to earn some pennies in Poland and Polish teenagers mock them for not being local… Sorry. I’m just being taking myself too seriously. “Educated, sophisticated, but shouted at and hated by some absolute zeros just because I’ve got a wrong kind of an accent in this part of the word”. I really should learn to get ride of my pride… Sorry…
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