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I have been going through old #artwork and found this #sketch of us as an #elvish #family (with #pointed #ears 🙂 #elves #kids #children #babies #parents #watercolor #watercolour #art #wash #paper #blackandwhite #linandaras_art #рисунок #набросок #акварель #семья #дети #ельфы

Hallowe’en blues

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First its so unhealthy to consume so many sweets. Parents, do you really want you kids to loose their tees? Or to get a bad habit which can lead to diabetes?

Secondly, could pretending to be evil lead to becoming evil?

Although I should admit I’m feeling somehow quite sad if no kids came knocking on our door. It means that either they parents are scared for them and don’t let them go, or its that horrible British age segregation – “respectful”, rich & quiet pensionersbungalows sometime with huge and often unused lawns are far away from tiny family semi-detached or terraced houses with no much of a garden…

Nursing homes

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I used to hate the idea of “retirement houses”. It looked like children were abandoning their parents, they wouldn’t returned the favour for bringing them up! Lots of the other people on this planet would probably agreed. Mind you, seeing first hand a terribly tired middle-aged daughter caring for her very elderly mother with dementia, often strange, aggressive and depressed, I started looking better towards all this.

Although I still think its very important for the kids to grow seeing their grandparents often, learning from them, listening to their stories.

Playgrounds everywhere

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Kids go mad waiting. I wish there were some sort of mini-playgrounds on trains and in airports (with a gym part for adults wishing to stay fit). I would agree to pay a reasonable amount of money for this.

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