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I am carring on #painting on #wooden #eggs I’ve brought from Russia. There is one in sort of ancient #Egyptian style now. And a #shell #fish #necklace … #craft #art #artwork #egg #pendant #making #linandaras_art #wood #painted #ink #acrylic #jewellery #jewelry #crafty #писанки #бусы (Taken with Instagram)

"Mysterious sea" goes to New Zeland

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Thank you so much to the buyer who bought several t-shirts from my Zazzle shop!

Gypsy Mermaids Shell Thread has been sold

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  Gypsy Mermaids Shell Thread   
Светлана, спасибо! Завтра вышлю.

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Textile Mermaid Ipad Cases by Alexandra Cook aka Linandara (inspired by medieval manuscripts)

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N Nautilus Book Ipad Case by Alexandra Cook aka Linandara

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Mysterious Sea Phone Iphone 4 Cases by Alexandra Cook aka Linandara

A magnet is sold

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Gypsy Mermaids Shell Thread

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Gypsy Mermaids Shell Thread 

A hand wowen thread of round shells. Could be worn on the wrist or the neck. The total lenth is about 87 cm (34 inches)
Inspiration / Story behind this Product:
This is a part of my Gypsy Mermaid collection, which is all about uncharted seas, empty beaches, pebbles, driftwood, and even mysterious water-polished remnants of long gone civilizations. Something for an “inner mermaid”: original, natural and wild.
Hours Invested: 1
More Info:
An one of the kind thing
Materials Used:
embroidery threads, 11 shells
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