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Little Shops

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Its a pain to see many little shops closing down. Yet, I think, one of the reasons for this is their working hours. Many mothers and fathers are probably doing their shopping just after taking the kids to school or just before picking them up. Yet lots of little shops are still closed in the morning. There are some without clearly indicated working hours on the window, and ones where the shopkeeper is almost always late… There was a very nice little gift shop in Newtown, Vanilla Rose, but it was so tricky to get inside. Once in the in the afternoon there was a sticker saying on the door “back at 3”. I went back… and found the same piece of paper saying now “back at 3.15”. I couldn’t wait any more and bought everything in another shop… Most shops do close early, even more true to say this about the market stalls – they owners already have packed half of their stuff when I go shopping in the afternoon.

Also most of this little places don’t accept card payments. Because of this lots of shoppers will be very careful not to pick up too much items. Its good for buyers but not so good for shop owners.

Anyway, I think last few decades have seen too many people buying things they don’t really needed (like new clothes when old ones were still wearable, or new furniture when old one still was in one piece… yes!). It was unnatural. And I feel it is unrealistic to expect this to carry on forever. So, unfortunately, some shops (and factories) have to go for good.

Car industry

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So much is said on the news that it’s so unfortunately that people don’t buy many cars any more. The car industry suffers and that’s so bad. Well why nobody tells that perhaps people were buying too many cars before? Several per family – used mostly just to get to local school or shops

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