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In kids, politics on November 30, 2011 at 07:00

Kids are home today because of the strike. I just want to commit to some anti-strike action and to do as much useful work today as possible. Strike punishes random people who happen on that day to need a doctor, a teacher, a border control officer, etc. Its indiscriminate  – like terrorism.

It is disgusting when the politicians are trying to get at each other throat at any cost, on any possible occasion. Its like they don’t really care about their country in troubles, the people, they just want to use any opportunity to show off  themselves and to intimidate others. But I still remember socialist rule in Russia when 1) one so often couldn’t say publicly what one thought and had to lie about ones devotion to Marx, Lenin and a current party leader, 2) the news were full of lies, any troubles and sorrows at home were ignored, 3) one had to go and vote regularly – for a single candidate provided, and 4) there were shortages of just about anything useful in the shops. Capitalism (if that’s what we’ve got now) is better. The truth is the human race don’t have a recipe for a perfect economic and political system. Maybe it can’t be perfect but we all are hopefully moving towards understanding what works better.


In politics, relationship on September 24, 2011 at 06:52

Labour strikes are evil. Self-employed people often work very hard, have little money – but they can’t go on strike. Artists can’t. Homemakers can’t. Scientists too – because the result of their work appears years, or even decades later. Striking is a form of blackmailing used by somebody in a position to do it. But why others must have lover salaries because they are not in a position to blackmail the public? Plus it damages the economy and because of this it damages everybody else’s lives. Its SO selfish…

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