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Here is the message that an imaginary “intelligent design theorist” might broadcast to scientists: ” If you don’t understand how something works, never mind: just give up and say God did it.

Richard Dawkins

Taliban mentality or Sharia for a brain

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And would you allow women to work in offices? Sharia does not allow that. We should leave this until we conquer some offices, and if there is need for work, we will gather the ulema to decide based on Sharia. That if a woman works, under what conditions should she work? Only if it is permitted under Sharia orders. If not, then working with a stranger, with a foreigner -even the voice of a woman is banned on a strange man. Allah says in his book that the man should lower his gaze and so should the woman -if looking is not permitted, talking is not permitted, then how can they work? Here, we want a Sharia system. Whatever is allowed in Sharia, we will not disobey. We do not want a western or democracy system. What about the parliament? Would you permit them to be MPs? The way it is now, this parliament -we reject this entirely. This does not exist in the Sharia, this is a western system, a democracy system. Their going to this parliament and joining this kind of a parliament in itself could be a reason for jihad -that our women are this free now. Listen to BBC, how they speak. Hearing a woman’s voice is banned on others. They speak on the radio, in the parliament, on TV -while not being covered -and the whole world hears their voice. I want to say this briefly: if Sharia does not allow it…

more at http://i.aljazeera.net/?name=aj_iphone_en&i=8901&guid=201243135956894735&showonly=1

Taliban mentality or Sharia for a brain

Never say these words!

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Kids had an anti-racist lesson at school where they have been taught all these abusive racist words they had no idea existed. So now they know…

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