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More of today’s ” #field trip” finds. .. #installation #stillife #linandara_stillife #tv #television #chairs #old #vintage #russian #retro #linandara_retro #weird #strange #redcarpet #rural #countryside #landscape #Russia #artishfolk #linandara_russia #поле #сегодня #свалка #находки

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With #FionaBruce @ #AntiquesRoadshow 🙂 #Gregynog #tv #bbc #filming #Wales #show #people #celebrity #today #rain #umbrellas #summer

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Started watching “The World without End”

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I am not into historical fiction. It feels like while science fiction opens up the possibilities – historical fiction closes them. We don’t exactly know what the past looked like, it could be so many things. The fiction shows you just one possible way and tries to make you believe this is the right one.

People need to be remained of the horrors of the past although. To recognise the seeds of that rotten mentality and to stop them from growing. We don’t need more Dark Ages. .. Rather a new Enlightenment.


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Hubby is amazed that there is a special Russian Railways channel on sattelite TV here in Russia where we are on a short holiday. Yesterday at the movies a Russian Railways ad was better made than a Coke one… Maybe they are planning to take over the country? Better them than the Church. 😉 Anyway I wish there would be an “international history & legends movies” chanel. I understand the movies like that are not always historically correct, they often have a hidden agenda yet it would be so interesting to see how at least some Peruvians, Hungarians or anybody else saw themselves through the time.

Godless Gloom

In moral issues, religion on November 16, 2009 at 06:32

I think atheism leads to depression and then even to a possible suicide. At least for people who think, who are honest to themselves and who perceive the world in therms of good and evil. But in atheism there is no good neither evil… One can flex his understanding of what’s right and what’s wrong depending on who’s benefit he is acting: an individual, a race, species, whole life on Earth, etc. It also doesn’t help that our honest atheist knows that his experience – hard learned during lifetime – and all the fruits of his labour eventually will disappear. There is no anchor in space or time.

I can feel this gloom in many ethical-oriented yet atheistic or agnostic sci-fi stories. All these horrible Prime Directives, “I can’t help because it affect the future”and so on. It almost makes me scream: “do what you heart tells you, only God really knows the future!”

I won’t say that religion can’t make one depressed. For example if one comes to be religious because of strong feeling of good and evil but latterly may reach a point when he is not sure if God shares his ethics, if God is really good on his terms (I’m thinking about people suffering on Earth or eternal suffering in hell in which many believe). But at least there is some hope.

Journalists say

In ethics, moral issues, wild nature on June 8, 2009 at 10:28

Few days ago, when we were watching morning news with kids, there was a story reported twice: Male penguins raise adopted chick

The reporters seems to forget that animals also sometime eat their youngsters, don’t mind incest and don’t care for their old ones. Some of human beings do the same. Should we put animal behaviour as an example to human race?

Another thing about journalists that often if there is a tragedy, they follow grieving relatives and keep on filming them again and again. We normally switch to another channel. It is just wrong.

Gloomy picture

In art, crafts, good life, politics on February 23, 2009 at 09:50

Plenty of this on TV now. People loosing jobs, sitting at home, desperate, playing computer games or getting angry. No positive advice to people like “try to learn new skills” or “try to turn a hobby into a new job” (for stories like this look on Etsy ), “try to move to the countryside and learn self sufficiency”. Its just like somebody wants people be gloomy and desperate…

Poor doggy

In kids, moral issues, music, pets and domestic animals on January 9, 2009 at 16:25

Kids were watching children’s channel CBBC yesterday:


The program was about designing an outfit for a dog… And the winner proposed to put MP3 player and loudspeakers onto it. And NOBODY mentioned that it probably would damage dogs hearing as its much more sensitive than ours and generally may make the pet very uncomfortable (and I’m not even a dog lover or animal rights activist to notice that!). So the moral was: 1)Its fine to have you music on loudly on the street; 2) it doesn’t matter that a pet is alive, its just a cool gadget… And that’s taxpayer-sponsored channel for you…

Free speech myth

In legal issues, moral issues, politics, religion on December 4, 2008 at 20:30

I don’t think free speech exists. We hear from time to time, that it didn’t existed in the Soviet Union, or it doesn’t exist in modern China. Well it doesn’t exist anywhere. Its just a pretense. Lets be honest. If you forbid saying anything offending – that is it. Any strong opinion on important matter can offend the opposite side. So governments, organizations, etc forbid some allegedly “bad” groups of people or individuals to speak on their own behalf. And what does that do? It turns them into martyrs for indecisive people. It shows to those who didn’t make heir opinion yet – the government is afraid that if “baddies” speak, they will take over, that they may actually have Truth on their side. Its so easy to wave your sword at somebody who is not allowed to do so in our “civilized” society. For me its strange, how on Earth you can convince somebody what’s right and what’s wrong if you don’t let other side publicly defend itself?

Of course no viable government will allow open propaganda against itself on the prime time TV. Its understandable. Of course children should be protected from unappropriated content. But why not have a web site (or a radio station) easily accessible for all adults where absolutely anything could be said, any opinion discussed, and where any crazy lunatic could explain his or her point of view (and being praised or remotely”beaten” for that). And then, we WOULD have freedom of speech.

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