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Life without Google

In computers, time on November 25, 2008 at 07:28

I can’t stop thinking: what if this crisis kills Internet? Or something else does? What we are going to do? By the way there is new Survivors TV series (remake) on BBC:


I don’t know yet if its going to be any good but feels somehow possible now. What scares me the most its the loss of order, when everybody who is stronger takes what he or she wants. I just hope we never see it in real life!

Villages – Towns – Cities

In good life, healthy life, photography, time, traditions, xenophobia on November 18, 2008 at 09:50

White Horse Village – changing China:

I watched a bit of this programme yesterday


and was somehow surprised by a female presenter attitude. She pointed at a lady and said something like that this unfortunate one has to abandon the idea about going away to work in a factory, instead she is doomed to stay with her kids and work on a farm, and that’s such a hard work. Well, we switched the TV off after that. I think almost any way to earn money is hard, one way or another. It may be the stress (separation from family and home) or unhealthy lifestyle instead of the hard physical work, but the hard bit is still here. Interestingly, I’ve heard there was some research showing that men’s health is worse if they stay at home all the time, women’s health is worse if they go away to work.

I haven’t been to China but I see how in the Russian countryside the city folk dreams to live close to the nature, not just stay here on holidays, but most of the village and small town dwellers wants to move to the city, to give up their land, to fill up yet another huge ugly apartment block. There used to be quite a lot of tension and hostility on the buses, but now the better off people unfortunately mostly use their cars.

Once I was walking through a village, seen a nice old house and decide to take picture of it (no, its not that one). Immediately a very angry elderly lady popped out and started shouting at me. I was surprised – I would count it for a compliment if people started to take pictures of my house or garden. Anyway, she disappeared next year – probably moved to a town…

So, I’m bothered with question: Why people who live close to nature, see the beauty every day, have fresh air to breath and birds to listen to, are often so unhappy, jealous and hostile? Are they already so deeply affected by modern consumer culture watching TV and doing their shopping in towns and cities? In that angry lady’s village, there are crowds of tourist and pilgrims passing by yet local folk don’t even try to organise any farmers market which would be of a great success and helped them to stay afloat, I think. Its just looks like they don’t want to be happy where they are. Even here, in Newtown (Wales) I recon my encounter with xenophobic hostile youngsters shows that there is a class of people why don’t feel any inspiration from marvelous countryside around them, instead they think themselves being on some unfortunate margin of modern society.

PS. And the size of local gardens doesn’t help either. All the fields around, but the ordinary person in Newtown is lucky to have enough land to hung the washing in the back garden! Not surprising there is not much connection to the land.

A word about animal research

In healthy life, kids, moral issues, pets and domestic animals, philosophy, religion, wild nature on November 12, 2008 at 06:38

I watched a program yesterday on Newsnight Review

I think the animal rights people should opt out of the National Health Service and stop using all medicines which were developed using tests on animals (and that should be marked on the packaging). That would be really honest. Scientists don’t want to torture animals. They want to save human lives, that, in my opinion, is higher priority than animal welfare. Of course, torturing is bad. Even if kids are torturing a dolly it is bad because the crime is in the mind.

No good scientist would want to make animals suffer unnecessary. Do animals suffer? I think, C.S. Lewis wrote that if you can’t understand “I am (suffering)” you can’t really suffer, as humans do. Well, that’s a point of view. I often think that cats and dogs are suffering living in cities and towns and really should be kept only at the countryside where they don’t get run over by cars so often & don’t stay in little dirty pens all the time, they have good natural supply of herbs & maybe allowed to hunt (they are hunters after all!), plus can run as much as they want.

Who is really an animal torturers, in my opinion, its creators of wild nature films & programs, who watch and film animals (especially little ones!) suffer and do nothing about this for the sake of “nice” picture. The duty of a human being is to help animals. Obviously we can’t stop all the animals hurting each other. But I sometime think, maybe we were meant to. Maybe in an ideal evil-free world all animals would be happy, domesticated and vegetarian (or scavengers)?

Instead of sabotaging research and by this harming lives (both animal and human), the animal rights activists should sponsor the research to gradually reduce and eliminate animal’s suffering. Full stop.

Textile art with the TV.

In eco-friendly, kids, my artworks, textile art on November 3, 2008 at 16:42

Here is one of the examples:
I watch TV just 1 -1.5 hours a day, in the evening. Even so, I feel its a waste of time if I don’t do anything else in parallel. So I’m recycling fabric and make something (usually improvising). Most toys end up in kids rooms but few go for sale. This one is called Cheburaha and is available from Etsy.

There was just a few minutes of sunlight today to take the picture. The afternoon was incredibly gloomy…


American election – I’m tired…

In politics on November 3, 2008 at 10:28

I’m so bored watching the American Election on the News all the time. We are not in America here! None of the candidates looks kind or interesting to me, neither radically different from each other. But Americans sound angry and divided at the moment… Few years ago I was sort of sad when Gore lost (can’t remember which party he belonged 🙂 but I’ve seen him in real life when we lived in the USA. Normally all politicians are for me something like computer generated models – deep inside I don’t really believe they exist.

TV & radio scandals

In kids, moral issues, politics on November 1, 2008 at 07:18

Just a few words about recent events. They say young people like watch bad unkind behavior on TV, so it has to be shown… Well, what if young people liked to watch people being killed on TV? BBC would be creating programmes for that? My opinion is that TV & radio should never suggest that amoral, unkind behavior is OK, especially on tax payers’ sponsored channels! Otherwise its obvious that the government don’t want the citizens to be kind and to obey its own law.

Another thing, few weeks ago me and kids were watching something like Blue Peter program about animals during our breakfast. We like wild nature. I think the programme was called

“Wild About Animals: Hippos… he programme follows Hugo, a young male
hippo who lives in Zambia’s Luangwa … Celebrating the giggles presenters and
guests have had on Blue Peter. …”

And all of the sudden they started to show a hippo going to toilet… with zoom… and they were showing it again and again… Kids felt outraged & disgusted (young generation!). Who needs this kind of program??? And at breakfast time! And it was not only one occasion on this program! I’m from abroad, we (luckily) didn’t had much children’s TV but my British husband is constantly shocked at the fact that bad behaviour (including rude disgusting jokes) is actively promoted on British childrens’ TV today. One wonders why they do it?

Papua: Point of view

In eco-friendly, good life, healthy life, kids, moral issues, religion on October 31, 2008 at 08:18

The Curious Tribe *New To UKTV Documentary* Weekdays, 9pm (from Friday 5th
September) A televisual, anthropological experiment, The Curious Tribe sees
Donal MacIntyre host five members of the Insect Tribe from Papua New Guinea in
his London home. Turning the tables on his own visit to Papua New Guinea, the
tribe swap their war paint for sweaters and travel to Britain to satisfy their
own curiosities about the British way of life. The Curious Tribe, new to UKTV
Documentary, is a look at the ordinary things western society takes for granted,
and through their eyes we begin to discover that some of our own customs and
eccentricities are not as far away from theirs as we might have thought.
Throughout the three-part series, the tribe encounters snow, escalators, beds,
and even a football match.

I really liked that documentary from 2007. It is useful to be able to look at your life from a completely different point of view! Favorite moments: when one of the PNG people is in the winter forest and says something like “how strange and sad it is when trees are without leaves”; when in a church one of them says that man can’t build this, only God. Well, that’s right, man can’t build this without God’s help! We keep forgetting about this.

I enjoyed this “natural” people’s resistance to shopping culture – they couldn’t imagine buying things they don’t need. And a special treat for a person from Russia like me: how PNG people see “retirement houses”. For them its obvious that children abandoned their parents in that nursing care home, didn’t returned the favour for bringing them up! Majority of the people from this planet would probably agreed – but not British or Americans. Mind you, seeing my mother and elderly grandmother arguing horribly all the time with the grandmother rapidly loosing any touch with reality I started looking better towards nursing homes. But I don’t think it is an option in Russia at the moment, for better or for worse.

Anyway I was amazed how healthy the PNG people looked, even women with 7 children. Imagine a British, American or Russian lady with so many kids! Maybe its because they start early in New Guinea…

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