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Snow Leopard

Morning Glory products

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Two pictures are sold from the exhibition

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“Tiger &Volcano” in pastel and “Red Campion” in watercolor

Thank you so much!

Norfolk cliffs

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I’m wondering, if anybody cares to slow the erosion down, maybe the solution would be to plant lots of native bushes like sea-buckthorn, blackberries and wild roses. They also produce edible fruit although I’ve never seen anybody picking it in the UK, which is a great pity. Sea-buckthorn fruit is stuffed with vitamins and also makes a great cordial and a liqueur.

Lawns are evil!

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Well I don’t like them and partly blame them for decline in numbers of bees and butterflies in Britain. They’re only OK if kids are really playing on the grass. But then of course the lawn won’t be neat! Otherwise its a horrible waste of space, owners efforts and electricity. How well all this ENORMOUS space in Britain could be used by individuals & councils for growing edible, beautiful, wild & beneficial plants! No, its few species of grass in gardens (for keeping up with the Johnses) – and the same at the countryside – for the sheep.

A genetically modified tiger

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Recently I watched an interview with Sir David Attenborough where he said that some wild animals will have to disappear because they are incompatible with humans. Like tigers. I thought if we already managed to turn wolves into puddles and so on, this could be the solution. Whats better, a tiger ?in a picture book only or a cuddly grass eating genetically modified pet tiger? I prefer the second option. Same with all other endangered species. Just imagine the Welsh countryside with all kinds of rare animals grassing together instead of sheep, sheep, sheep…

Meadowsweet Original Watercolor Outdoor Painting

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Meadowsweet Original Watercolor Outdoor Painting 

A one of the kind plein air watercolor sketch on watercolor card.
Filipendula ulmaria.

Done on a summer day in my garden.
Approximate size: 20 x 30 cm (8 x 12 inches)

I love this plant, its shape and smell. Its also good in herbal tea.

A card and a business card are sold

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Robin in a hedge poster from Zazzle.com

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Robin in a hedge print
Robin in a hedge by Linandara

Three Shadows

Shell and Tower, Gozo Poster from Zazzle.com

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