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Heart Symbols

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The full wersion of the post is here.

It is not clear where the familiar shape originates. There was a plant widely used as a contraceptive in ancient Egypt (Silphium) which seeds were heart-shaped and even decorated coins (see the image).


The Heart shape was widely explored in Folk art, especially Dutch, Mexican, German and Polish, Welsh (lovespoons).

Today this symbol continues to evolve. For example the modern celtic knot style heart tatoos, the Polyamory hearts with either the eternity symbol or the “love outside the box” one, peace and love symbols merging together, etc.

I also did a Pinterest board dedicated to heart symbols: http://www.pinterest.com/artishfolk/know-your-hearts/

Recent print sales

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Thank you so much!

Something new. ..

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I’ve finished a handpainted ceramic pot with a shaped Crassula plant

Plus a random sketch

A new bookmark and an ACEO sketch

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Something new today

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I painted a ceramic pot with acrylics for a change



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Zimbabwian art in Shrewsbury

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There is a very nice folk art exhibition at the VAN Art Gallery (Shrewsbury Market). It probably will end up quite soon,  maybe on 27th – I am not sure.  There are some pictures.  All came from the same region of Zimbabwe.







They inspired me to do a bird pebble and some Sketching


A sheep on the easel and a couple of pebbles

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The Skate Park painting sequence

In abstract, acrylic, art, мои рисунки, green, my artworks, painting, powys, sales on March 14, 2013 at 16:46


This commission has been finished a while ago but it took me a while put this up together….

Random Things

In abstract, acrylic, art, crafts, drawing, мои рисунки, folk art, freedom, good life, mixed media, painting, pen, pen and ink, textile, textile art on March 14, 2013 at 11:57

A slate painting and a pin coushon


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